Our Products

We are a certified hair salon providing Jessicurl, Innersense,Trepadora, Boucleme, Ecoslay,  Clever Curl and Everescents products in Adelaide. Free from harsh chemicals, alcohol and oils, our range of organic hair care will help your curls find a perfectly hydrated balance.

Acidity keeps your hair cuticle smooth. If you use products that are too alkaline, it can make your locks more alkaline too. Change in the chemical balance of curls can make strands more inclined to frizz, tangle and break.

We work with products with a low pH to bring back your natural bounce. Everescents and Jessicurl, gently hydrate and protect the moisture balance of your hair. We supply products like Everescents Organic Cinnamon and Patchouli Moisture Shampoo, restoring the pH balance of the thirstiest tresses—rehydrating and restoring moisture. Our salon also stocks Jessicurl’s Deep Conditioning Treatment offering intensive pampering for the driest, frizziest curls.

At The Curl Collective we recommend you always take the paraben and sulphate free option! Remember to condition, condition and condition! Treat your hair to a treatment once or twice a month to infuse your curls with moisture while replacing lost proteins.