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The DAVROE team have worked hard over the last few years to curate a range that is easy to use, Curly Girl friendly and perfect for a wide variety of curl types.

CURLiCUE has been formulated with a unique blend of hard working ingredients that leaves kinky, coily, or curly hair feeling and looking its best. Fortified with rich botanical oils and extracts, CURLiCUE leaves curls soft, hydrated, defined and voluminous. Creamy Avocado Oil provides intense hydration that nourishes the hair shaft from the inside out; smoothing coarse texture and strengthening the hair. Nutrient-rich Kakadu Plum Extract protects the hair against damage, whilst moisturising to leave dull, coarse hair silky and glossy. Revitalising Lotus Flower Extract improves overall hair health by hydrating and repairing to add strength, shine and body, while restoring the hair’s natural lustre.

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The ultimate collection of Curly Girl Approved Haircare from DAVROE


  • ­­­­CURLiCUE Cleansing Clay 200gm
  • CURLiCUE Deep Conditioning Rinse 200ml
  • CURLiCUE Hydrating Hair Oil 50ml 
  • CURLiCUE Curl Balm 200ml 
  • CURLiCUE Curl Activator 200ml 
  • CURLiCUE Rapid Dry Hair Wrap