Nourish and Flourish Conditioner
The Curl Collective Adelaide

Nourish and Flourish Conditioner

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This is your curl cocoon. 

Hydrates with cucumber and jojoba oils. Strengthens and protects from breakage with coconut and clary oils. Slip your fingers through yummy cared-for curls. Best for medium textured hair on the dry side.

Curl Coach says:

Time for cool down

1. Have Yes Flexi Brush at hand 
2. Get hair wet
3. Pump 50c circle into your palm
4. Rub together in both hands for 10 seconds
5. Apply at your ends first and then work up the hair. Focus on driest areas most!
6. Use your Yes Flexi Brush and brush into your hair for a good 3 minutes
7. This will allow the product to enter the cortex of the hair (very Sci-fi!)
8. Then clip up your hair
9. When you're ready, rinse off your hair in cooler water focusing on the roots
10. Leave-in on the ends if desired