About The Curl Collective Adelaide

Have you got curly hair? At The Curl Collective Adelaide, we know the secret to smooth, shiny, beautiful curls. We carefully cut each individual curl, examining your individual curl pattern to create a stunning hairstyle tailored to you.

curly hair specialist

Our salon founder, Lou Marshall, opened The Curl Collective Adelaide, in 2019. As a hairdresser with 28 years experience in the industry, Lou is the only expert in the Curly Girl Method® in Adelaide. From corkscrew to waves, you can trust our chief hairdresser to know the best way to cut, shampoo, condition and dry your hair. Lou worked as a senior stylist for Nation Hairdressing in London, UK and has honed her craft over the last two decades in salons throughout Melbourne and Adelaide — spending many years as a stylist for Clip Joint.

The Curl Collective Adelaide provides the most comprehensive range of curly hair services you’ll find anywhere! Having lived the life of a curly girl, Lou knows how to look after curls and all the ups (looking carefree and fabulous) and downs (waking up with frizz) that go with it!

The Curl Collective Adelaide avoids razoring, thinning, texturizing or using any caustic methods on curly hair. We will ensure any curls recovering from chemical damage are nourished and renewed. Our dry style cuts, treatments and diffuser drying methods will provide the most even, smoothest ringlets you’ve ever experienced.

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What does a curly hair specialist do?

At The Curl Collective Adelaide our curly hair specialists work with you in the correct care, maintenance and styling of your naturally wavy hair. We use sulphate free and paraben free products, specifically designed for curls.

Can you recommend good products for curly hair?

Yes! At The Curl Collective Adelaide we endorse the gorgeous range of Jessicurl, Innersense, Clever Curl and Everescents organic products for your naturally curly hair. Our salon proudly uses these gentle products oozing with moisturising, plant-based ingredients to keep your coils smooth and shiny.

What is the Curly Girl Method®?

The Curly Girl Method® recommends a nourishing, moisturising healthy hair regime using conditioners and gels that are free of chemical laden and damaging sulphates, non-water soluble silicones and alcohol. The method recommends avoiding shampoo, heat, combs and brushes.

Is there a salon skilled in the Curly Girl Method® in Adelaide?

Yes there is! The Curl Collective Adelaide in Goodwood is the only hairdressing salon providing the Curly Girl Method® in Adelaide.

Will sleeping on a cotton pillowcase affect my curls?

If you sleep on a cotton pillowcase, the cotton may absorb moisture from your hair, causing frizz the next day. We recommend using a silk or satin pillowcase. Your hair will thank you in the morning. Your curls will glide over the surface and stay smooth til you wake up.

What is a hair diffuser?

A hair diffuser disperses the air flow of a blow dryer. Diffusers are used with curly hair. By dispersing air flow, your hair is less likely to turn frizzy when being dried.

Can I colour my curls and keep my dry hair healthy at the same time?

Yes! Our salon highly recommends low-level lighteners and conditioners. All colour treated hair needs extra attention but coloured curls require a specialised service and intensive conditioning. Contact The Curl Collective Adelaide for a consultation today.