Clients review The Curl Collective Adelaide

Every client review is important to us at The Curl Collective Adelaide.
Our team strives to offer the most comprehensive range of hairdressing services and products for curly hair available.

We appreciate every review and will endeavour to continue helping you all achieve the most lustrous and lovely curls in town!

Curly Hair Specialist
Curl specialist, experienced stylist.
Helen Fraser

Great haircuts · Experienced stylists · Nice décor · Professional products · Affordable haircuts
Kerry Dix

Client For Life
Lou is super friendly, made me feel so welcome for my first visit. Took the time to chat with me about my hair… the good … the bad … and my expectations. So happy to have found her. Sorry Lou, but you've gained a client for life!
Vickie Deniet

Caring Hair Stylist
Lou is genuinely interested in helping curly girls look their best. She’s a great stylist and works with her clients to get the best results. I’m very glad I have found her in my curly girl journey.
Jane Horton

Recommends Everescents
The major highlight here is LOU. I've been looking for this AWESOME hairdresser for 30 years!!!! Follows the Curly Girl Method®. Lou can do dry curly cuts too. Lou is an extremely talented curly hair specialist. She offered techniques I hadn't even heard of that were terrific. Stocks Everescents in salon. Easy parking and a bright breezy friendly salon.
Colette Bromwich

Best Hairdresser
The best hairdresser I’ve ever had, I’ve flown interstate a number of times over many years to get my hair cut by the wonderful Lou and my sister does the same! We love her!! X
Simone Davidge

Beautiful Results
I don’t have curly hair, sadly, but Lou is still an amazing cutter and colourist
Fantastic haircuts · Beautiful results
Olivia Kay

Expert Colouring
New to being curly (have been straightening my hair for about 15 years). Lou did an amazing colour and cut for me and was so helpful with advice about embracing my curls. Thank you Lou.
Expert colouring · Great haircuts · Good for curly hair
Jane Wells Annells

Hair stylist who listens
Gifted stylist who really listens to her clients and has amazing curly hair herself!
Professional hair products · Great haircuts · Expert colouring · Beautiful results · Experienced stylists · Good for curly hair · Fantastic haircuts · Amazing results · Professional products
Tan Shepherd

Great haircut
I don’t have curly hair but Lou certainly knows how to tame my fine boring hair. She is a great cutter!
Suzanne Street

Experienced, caring, talented!
Rebecca Thompson

Curly Hair Expert
Lou really knows curly hair! She is great with a dry curl by individual curl cut !
Good for curly hair · Fantastic haircuts · Beautiful results
Bianca Partridge

Longtime Client
Myself, and my kids have been going to Lou for 20 years!!!! Amazing!
Tracey Waechter

Smart Hairdresser
So much knowledge and advice for your curl type.
Diane Buckman

Lou immediately made me feel welcome and gave me a great cut too!
Good for curly hair
Sharon Horne

Magic Touch
HOLEY MOLEY!! If you have curly hair and live in Adelaide you need to go see Lou - she works magic with curly hair and is absolutely lovely!
Bethany Jones