LOHY  Pow Strong Hold Gel
LOHY  Pow Strong Hold Gel

LOHY Pow Strong Hold Gel

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A strong hold Gel for extra curl DEFINITION and control

Do you want more control of your curly hair? POW strong hold gel is your go-to for curl control.

Infused with Soothing Aloe Vera to calm your hard-to-manage mane. This strong-hold Curl gel uses plant proteins and camellia to seal in hydration and reduce frizz. It then locks your curls in position with its powerful active ingredients.

How to use:

  1. With dripping wet hair, SECTION your hair into quarters
  2. SQUEEZE a 20-50c amount into your hand and apply section by section pumping more product into your hand as required.
  3. Once the gel is applied, work through your curls with the Flexi-brush to ensure even distribution.
  4. RAKE your fingers through your clumps to create smaller consistent curls.
  5. Next, use your Curl Glove to remove the excess water by SQUISHING the curls into your cupped glove hand. You can add Chutzpah now for extra Volume & Texture.
  6. Once you have removed all the excess water with your Curl Glove, use your Volume+ Combs or Root Clips to set the volume. Diffuse dry or air dry.

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